This is mapping space

We are Holiday Mappers. We are mapmakers. Our maps for orienteering and mountainbike orienteering (MTBO) have been successfully used for World Cup events, Junior World Championship, national championships, world ranking events, national competitions and many other races and orienteering activities.

We have more than 20 years experience. More than 250 maps we realized in cooperation with various mapmakers.

Mapping is a dynamic process. New technologies make map development more accurate and easier, but the human factor remains irreplaceable. We are evolving too. We respect IOF standards. Our care and feel for maps remains.

our clients

Our clients are mainly orienteering clubs and national or regional orienteering sport associations. Thanks to their enthusiasm, passion for o-sports and willingness to organize races and trainings, our maps can come into being. We strive to bring this positive energy back to orienteering.

Orienteering is a great experience – we bring you that feeling.

About us

We are mapmakers. We have an exceptional ability to see and interpret reality. We are mediators. We bring unique orienteering experiences.

Our offices

Our offices are different every time. We are nomads. Workers of the forest, the park or the city. Write to us.

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