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Strom 404 | 1:15 000 | e = 5m | Czech Republic | 2010
South Moravian Region - Brno-Soběšice        Google maps
Czech MTBO Cup , long, 11th September 2010, KOS Tesla Brno
basemap: ortophoto, ZM 1:10 000
June - August 2010: Radovan Čech, Jan Drbal (3% of the area), Ondřej Hájek, Osvald Kozák, Zdeněk Liščinský, Marcel Skřivánek

September 29th 2010 | Jan Drbal
A friendly aid to Plech (Radovan Čech) - a little piece of the forest near Útěchov (a few kms north of Brno), on a periphery of the big MTBO map Strom 404. A three August afternoons' job. As it was only my 3th mapping by ISMBOM, which seems (at least to me) to be changed somewhat frequently, and as I haven't practiced MTBO competitions for last several years, I didn't dare to make the final track network classification.
Also Marcel Skřivánek was a helper, so now I'm looking forward to next episode of our mapends and my expectation is the reward for the mapping will be bitter.

Sample of the MTBO map

Original drawing by Jan Drbal

Sample of the basemap, ortophoto

Sample of the basemap, ZM ČR 1:10 000