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Le Grand Roc | 1:15 000 | France | 2009
Annecy, ridge of Semnoz, Haute Savoie
World Cup, Long distance, October, 3rd 2010
Pre-WOC 2011 model race. Beautiful technical terrain of the karstic type with many contorus and rock details. Low visibility of the forest. More suitable for middle rather than long.
basemap: ortophoto, IGN 1:25 000, mapping scale 1:7 500
Marian Cotirta, Ivo Habán, Petr Hranička

October 2nd 2010 | Ivo Habán
On Sunday October 3rd will be held World Cup in Annecy on our map, which we have prepared together with Marian Cotirta, the mapmaker of WOC 2011 in France, who mapped the biggest part of the area. We wish good luck to all competitors and the organizers. Enjoy the map and perfect terrain on Semnoz!

July 26th 2009 | Ivo Habán
Baptism of ISOM. Together with Rysak we are mapping the ridge of Semnoz above Annecy. It is a brutality of the contours, stones and sticks in a very steep slope with a lot of sink holes. The ortophoto and IGN are almost useless, we are measuring everything by our own and with the altimeter.
I enjoy the session with Rysak-he is the mapping guru. We saw Roman Kreuziger at the individual time-trial etape of Tour de France directly under the forest we made the map.

More photos

Sample of men course on the part of map by Ivo Habán, October 3rd 2010

Sample of map by Ivo Habán, July 2009

Sample of original drawing by Ivo Habán, July 2009

Sample of original drawing during the construction of map by Ivo Habán, July 2009

Sample of original help drawing of the map by Petr Hranička, July 2009

Sample of basemap, consists of the contours from IGN and ortophoto, prepared in ocad

Sample of IGN