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Cret de Peillouté | 1:7 500 | France | 2010
Cret de Peillouté, 1220m, Natural park Pilat, St. Etienne
training map
podklady: ortophoto, IGN 1:25 000, mapping scale 1:5 000

May 2010: Evžen Cigoš, Jiří Daněk, Ivo Habán, Petr Hranička
August 2010: Ivo Habán, Radim Ondráček

August 19th 2010 | Ivo Habán
Why we still do the maps in France? The answer is simple. The French are the real masters of the mapping gastronomy. They can only compete with the Spaniards. In these countries has consumerism a  good tradition and clubs are able to provide excellent catering, unlike of cool Germans, Austrians or Swiss. Due this perfect service it is possible fully concentrate to the mapping and the efficiency is significantly increased. The mapmakers powered by meat, wine and chips working like a agog.
Together with Radims we finished Cret de Peillouté from spring-a hill situated in The Natural Park Pilat in 1200m with beautiful old beech forest with a lot of stones, on the top and down in the valley also with undergrowth rumpus and wires. Méďa and Krtek made the map Pont Sauvignet near Le Bessat.

May 7th, 2010 | Ivo Habán
After several days of permanent watching the weather forecast during finishing of map Croix du Treve-Bois Ternay near St. Genest-Malifaux we decided don't be so soft, stay and start with the other project on Peilloute hill. We moved higher on Bessat, where we found perfect accommodation in Chalet des Alpes. Peilloute is very nice deciduous forest with many stones, in upper parts half opened with rocks in dwarf pines and bushes. Weather was against forecast good and we spent two days working in full speed. The disaster came in the form of 30 cm of snow during the night of 3rd to 4th May. Fog, snow, wind and very cold temperatures around 0 with no hope that snow could melt during next few days catapulted us in to the car on the way home.

Ivo Habán, sample of the original drawing, August 2010

Sample of the evaluated basemap

Ivo Habán, original drawing, May 2010

Sample of the evaluated basemap

Sample evaluated ortophoto