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Lužec-Čistinje | 1:10 000 | e = 5m | Croatia | 2009
Lužec | 1:15 000, 1:10 000 | e = 5m | Croatia | 2013

Varaždin county - Novi Marof        Google maps
Croatian Championship, middle, 6th June 2009, OK Medimurje
Thermenland Open 2013 + Croatian Championship, long, WRE, 15th June 2013, OK Medimurje
basemap: topographical map 1:5 000, ortophoto (2013)
April 2009: Milan Bílý, Jan Drbal (20% of the area), Roman Horký, Vladimir Tkalec
March 2013: Milan Bílý, Jan Drbal, Gábor Tóth

May 20th 2013 | Jan Drbal
After the February in Turkey, Croatia was in the order in the March - again with an entirely different terrain, but also the weather.
I and Milan Bílý came back to the scene near Novi Marof to enlarge our previous map Lužec-Čistinje by more than 1km² containing the other hundreds of depressions and pits. The long distance race included in the WRE calendar as a part of the multi-day event Thermenland Open 2013 (and as the Croatian long distance Campionships too) will be held there on 15th June.
After spring temperatures in Antalya, we got a chance to "enjoy" a few more days of genuine winter with some 20cm of fresh snow. But, thanks to the terrain without rocks and stones and with clear vegetation, the snow didn't affect quality of the work but only the speed.
I liked a lot the mapping there even for the second time and I can only recommend participation in the event once again!

June 3th 2009 | Jan Drbal
On this Saturday 6th June is going to be foregoing Croatian Middle Distance Championship on the map Lužec-Čistinje. Just a small statistic: on area of 2,5km² we have used 219 pieces of the symbol "Pit" and 718 pieces of the symbol "Small depression." I don't try to sum depressions drawn by contours.

April 25th 2009 | Jan Drbal
I've been mapping in the north of Croatia near Novi Marof (about 70km north-east from Zagreb) in the first half of April, together with Milan Bílý a Roman Horký. In these days I'm finishing drawing. On the map Lužec there is going to be organized Croatian Middle Distance Championship on 6th June 2009 by club OK Medimurje. You can find some articles about our mapping there (in Croatian), incl. photos and also map samples, on the club blog. On competition's website there should be shown more details about it later. In Croatia we've found nice, almost summer weather, an attentive care (not only by orienteers from OK Medimurje, but also by members of local MTB club - they are already looking forward to try MTBO in their home forest). And, on top - the great terrain for challenging middle distance race - hundreds of small or medium sized depressions and pits in mostly "white" beech forest, and in contrast to other carsty terrains, the ground is absolutely rocky-free. You have to slow down just by your head to have things under control all the time - of cource during the race. Anyway, during the mapping too:). My recommendation! The competition is open for everybody, deadline for applications is approx. 1 week before the competition.

Sample of the map

Original drawing by Jan Drbal

Sample of the basemap