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Liščí bouda (-sever, -jih and -východ) | 1:10 000 | e = 5m | Czech Republic | 2010
Central Bohemian Region - Buk u Příbrami        Google maps
Czech Relay and Clubs Championship, 25-26 September 2010, SK Praga (Liščí bouda - sever and Liščí bouda - jih)
Prague regional event, 25th March 2012, SK Praga (Liščí bouda - východ)
basemap: ortophoto, ZM 1:10 000
June 2009 - July 2010: Jan Drbal (60% of the area), Zdeněk Sokolář

17th March 2012 | Jan Drbal
Not only Tabor sprints and the last stage of Cappad-O-cia Cup, but also a Prague regional event will be held on March 25th. For the event, my club SK Praga will use the map named Liščí bouda - východ (=east), which displays a part of the area not used for the Relay and Club Championships two years ago.

29th September 2010 | Jan Drbal
Czech Relay and Club Championships was held on this weekend on the map named Liščí bouda (liščí bouda means 'a fox shed') newly mapped by me and Zdeněk Sokolář. The Champs were arranged by my club SK Praga, and our club teams achieved a victory both in H21 in the relays on Saturday and in DH21 in the team competition on Sunday. Great!!!
Our map is already the third o-map of this area. The oldest one in the scale 1:20 000 (by Pavel Junek) was issued in 1974. Notice the (over)thoughtful map legend. I have still remembered the newer one from 1984 (by Petr Uher, in the scale 1:15 000) from my competitions in H14 up to now. It was wery well drawn and printed, at that time. And as regards to our fresh 1:10 000 map, I can say responsibly that this is the most beautiful area I have ever mapped in the (former) district of Příbram (a help: = the first one).

Sample of the map

Original drawing by Jan Drbal

Sample of the basemap, ortophoto

Sample of the basemap, ZM ČR 1:10 000