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Holiday Mappers is a logo of the high quality level orienteering maps.

Maps for orienteering and mountainbike orienteering (MTBO) from Holiday Mappers, processed in the standard IOF, have been succesfully used at the national championships, world ranking and national competitions and many other races and orienteering activities.

We have 18 years experience.
More than 60 mapping projects realized in cooperation with various mapmakers.
We manage the mapping projects.

Holiday Mappers main partners are
Radims-o-maps and Zaves cartography.

We cooperate with Cartographic service (Jiří Daněk), Olles (Aleš Hejna) and the other great persons of the czech mapping scene like Zdeněk Lenhart, Evžen Cigoš, Vlastislav Šebesta, Radovan Čech, Ondřej Kotecký, Zdeněk Sokolář, Petr Mareček, Petr Hranička, Daniel Lebar or Martin Lejsek.

What happened before

We are finishing a map for Croatian Middle Distance Championship 2009
April 25th 2009 | Jan Drbal
I've been mapping in the north of Croatia near Novi Marof (about 70km north-east from Zagreb) in the first half of April, together with Milan Bílý a Roman Horký. In these days I'm finishing drawing. On the map Lužec there is going to be organized Croatian Middle Distance Championship on 6th June 2009 by club OK Medimurje. You can find some articles about our mapping there (in Croatian), incl. photos and also map samples, on the club blog. On competition's website there should be shown more details about it later. In Croatia we've found nice, almost summer weather, an attentive care (not only by orienteers from OK Medimurje, but also by members of local MTB club - they are already looking forward to try MTBO in their home forest). And, on top - the great terrain for challenging middle distance race - hundreds of small or medium sized depressions and pits in mostly "white" beech forest, and in contrast to other carsty terrains, the ground is absolutely rocky-free. You have to slow down just by your head to have things under control all the time - of cource during the race. Anyway, during the mapping too:). My recommendation! The competition is open for everybody, deadline for applications is approx. 1 week before the competition.

Portugal added
April 14th 2009 | Jan Drbal
I will complete my profile and map portfolio gradually. It means to add in just one hundred of new projects, besides our existing 13 shared maps. So, it will takes some time. First I'm pasting all (two) maps in Portugal from December 2007.

Gladly confirming the previous message
April 14th 2009 | Jan Drbal
Ivo invited me to take part in Holiday Mappers project, although I seem to go beyond the definition of H.M.: I make maps not only on holidays:) I've accepted the offer with pleasure. Ivo has been my friend already for almost 14 years. I think we have also very similar look on the way an orienteering map should be done. Actually, our first collaboration came just on occasion of my first mapping experience - revision of the map Klínek in winter 2001.

Jan Drbal join Holiday Mappers presentation
April 7th, 2009 | Ivo Haban
Jan Drbal, czech mapmaker from Brno, starts with the presentation within the label of Holiday Mappers. His maps will come up there during April and May. The logo of Holiday Mappers should appear on his spring projects.

Holiday Mappers confirmed the mapping for World cup final in Annecy, France 2010
March 21st, 2009 | Ivo Haban
The map for World cup final in Annecy, Semnoz, will be actualized by Marian Cotirta and enlarge by Ivo Haban and Petr Hranicka during 2009. Holiday Mappers will realize the other mapping for World cup in Annecy during 2010.

Holiday Mappers aspire to realize the maps for World cup final in France 2010
February 20th, 2009 | Ivo Haban
We received the offer to realize the maps for World cup final in France 2010. We joined Petr Hranicka and together draw up the conditions. The discussions continue.

Mapping in St-Genest-Malifaux prepared for 2009
February 10th, 2009 | Ivo Haban
For 2009 we confirmed a bigger mapping project in St.Etienne region. There are two mapping sessions in timetable April/May and October. Radim Onracek, Ludek Krticka, Ivo Haban, Evzen Cigos and Zdenek Lenhart already join the project.

Mapping for 5 days in Spain break down
January 21st, 2009 | Ivo Haban
After three months of mailing about the mapping speed, basemaps and the conditions we lost the mapping offer in Spain, prepared for March 2009. The mapping session for Trofeo Internacional Diputacin de Palencia wont be realize, but it seems there could be some "next" in the future.

World ranking event in Liberec 2009 won't be prepared by Holiday Mappers
November 29th, 2008 | Ivo Haban
Regarding to the unsuccesfull discussion about a mapping timetable and the conditions I stop to endeavour to do the maps for World ranking event and czech cup relay in Liberec in September 2009. The indistinct situation about the competition organized by Slavia TU Liberec during July-October 2008 caused there is not time enough for me to guarantee this project seriously.

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