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Kisgruveåsen | 1:15- 10- 7,5 000 | e = 5m | Norway | 2010-2011
Buskerud - Kongsberg        Google maps
3-day Pinseløpet 2012, middle, long, long, 26th-28th May 2012, Kongsberg OL cat. HD17-20, 26th and 27th May: Norgescup and Norvegian qualifying races for JWOC
basemap: laserscan
August 2010: Jiří Daněk, Jan Drbal, Josef Hejna, Petr Matula
July 2011: Jan Drbal, Aleš Hejna, Josef Hejna, Martin Poklop
existing (eastern) part: Morten Berglia
The map has been created under aegis of Olles.

June 8th 2011 | Jan Drbal
Like every spring, there is a lot of work to do for mappers so I'm not able to update this web in time. Since early March, I gradually mapped in France, Italy, the Czech Republic and Slovenia. But first I'm updating 4 maps made during my two trips to Norway in the last year.
Once again, both of them were held thanks to cooperation with Olles and Offtrack Kart. And, to be IN, we mapped near locations of the two last year's world championships.
Two older maps in Sør-Trøndelag region, which we - Zdeněk Sokolář, Robo Miček and me - had revised in May/June 2010, could be then still exploated by national teams for preparation for WOC 2010: while the map Lomtjønna is situated just a short walk from the southern edge of Trondheim, the map Skjetnemarka lies near Melhus, 20km from Trondheim.
Then in August, just at the time and in the place of World Orienteering Military Championship (CISM) in Kongsberg, I and Jiří Daněk made two maps for 3-days events Pinseløpet. The first one named Briskemyr was again a vegetation revision of a very good older map and it will be used already on June 11-13 for this year's edition of the event! Finally, in the end we had a chance to make a completelly new map with a modern laserscan basemap. The next edition of Pinseløpet 2012 will be held on the map Heistadmoen. The mapping should continue in July.

Sample of the map

Original drawing by Jan Drbal

Sample of the basemap, laserscan

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