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Göreme Rock Maze | 1:4 000 | e = 5m | Turkey | 2010
Nevşehir Province - Göreme        Google maps
Cappadocia Cup 2011 - training (?) Turkish Orienteering Federation
basemap: conversion from the o-map Göreme Stone Forest (1:10 000)
November 2010: Jiří Daněk, Jan Drbal (40% of the area)

February 28th 2011 | Jan Drbal
Some visitors to this website expected examples of the maps for Cappadocia Cup 2011 just when we had barely started to map. But the right moment is comming just now! Still almost 4 weeks left until the event and two weeks left until the deadline for registration.
The fifth map resulting from our 3-week stay - the southern half of the map Göreme Stone Forest with ISSOM symbolset, named Göreme City - is one-man work of Aleš Hejna.

November 21th 2010 | Jan Drbal
The Thursday's trasfer from Mustafapaşa 15km to the northwest to Göreme went smoothly. On Friday at 6 AM we were awakened by constant noise similar to an aircraft take-off. The source was nearby. Certainly over fifty balloons in different jerseys have been taking off during the hour before sunrise from area 300 metres from our hotel. Each of them with a 24-member team and a captain. Even for a passive spectator it's quite an experience, and then what it would be to be right in the basket... On the contrary, I (just becouse I'm not a motorist?) will never have sympathy for four-wheelers. By the way, the map will be very nice, like everytime:)

November 8th 2010 | Jan Drbal
The first attempt at departure didn't work out quite as planned - we arrived with caution to Nuremberg airport, but after a short wait we found relentless note GESTR/CANC on our flight's row. Due to fog in Istanbul, said. A Sunday night at the airport cannot resolve much, so we started off the first morning train back to Pilsen (Aleš Hejna), Liberec (Jiří Daněk) and Prague (me) to get some sleep. But after the first failure we are not giving up, and we will try it again in Nuremberg on Tuesday with a new company. We will get there one day:)

Sample of the map

Sample of the basemap, o-map Göreme Stone Forest (1:10 000)