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Druzcovský les | Czech Rebublic
YoCup 16.2.2011

February 16th 2011 | Ivo Habán
Something inside of me moved. After 15? years, I organized a map training. It took place as the 4th YoCup, nightorienteering, on brand new "map". Despite the F1 series in Prague and cold weather have arrived and returned 11 starters, which was great, thanks! Reflexes used in January again proved the same way-they shined from 1 meter, so next time choose a different or better to use toilet paper.

January 31st 2011 | Ivo Habán
HolidayMappers bring you within the series of night trainings YoCup 2010/2011 an exclusive experience on the map, which still is not really a map (but maybe will).
At Wednesday, February 16th, 2011 at 18 o'clock, in the case of acceptable snow conditions, historically first map training in Druzcovsky wood will be held.
Unique area at the foot of the ridge of Ještěd so far resisted creation of an orienteering map. HolidayMappers limited by time, therefore decided not to wait in vain for mapping, but rather directly organize night map training in this beautiful area.

Very nice fast forest at an altitude of 400-600 m at the southwestern foot of Ještěd ridge. In the northeastern part of the slope toward the ridge of Ještěd there are rocky areas with boulders. The area is interesting for a variety of vegetation. We can find large areas with birch and pine, with blueberries, rather typical for forests around Doksy, as well as passages in the pine forest type typical of mountain ridge Ještěd, flavoured with solitary old beeches. The axis of the space consists of a flat ridge that is on the edges nicely structured with a number of irregular valleys.
Druzcovský forest was depreciated for potential orienteering map as boring option, with not optimal race center. With this view I do not agree. This is a fairly large space, with no nettles and usually without the blackberries and similar disgust, with the difficult but beautiful plate (shrubs, swamps, rocky ground). The rock labyrinth, of course, you will not find here, but the terrain relief offers interesting route-choices and even in flat passages it won'tbe easy to keep direction and distance to find the controls.
If you add the unique genius loci (the nearby summer residence of famous Czech writer of the 19th Century Karolina Světlá) and most typical mapmaker's obsession to have a map behind the house, it is clear that for me, considering the proximity of my wife's parents' house and now residence of Martijan nearby, mapping of this forest is irresistible challenge.

Stay in touch. Next samples coming soon.

Druzcovský les, concept of the map for YoCup, 16.2.2011

Druzcovský les, part of the basemap for creation future map, 27.1.2011

Druzcovský les, part of the basemap for creation future map, 22.1.2011

Druzcovský les, base for contours, 22.1.2011