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Debeli Vrh | 1:10 000 | e = 5m | Slovenia | 2010
Gorenjska - Mengeš        Google maps
Slovenian Championship, long and relay, 22nd-23th May 2010 OK Komenda and OK Tivoli
basemap: o-map Debeli Vrh (2005, Mile Stevanovič, Slavko Asak, Istvan Földi) - revision
April 2010: Jan Drbal (50% of the area), Zdeněk Sokolář

May 25th 2010 | Jan Drbal
Slovenian Long and Relay Championship was held on this weekend in a carst and hilly terrain 10 km north of Lubljana. We (Zdeněk Sokolář and me) have revised the previous (quite a good quality) map Debeli Vrh (2005) in April. Z.S. alias Čenda also have been the course planner. As you can see in results of Long, Andraž Hribar in M21E (10,2km, climb. 550m, 25 c.) achieved the best performance of all runners as usually. His time 73:14 surprised even the experienced course planner. It was only the second man in the rank, who fulfilled supposed time 85 minutes. We are curious whether Andraž will challenge European top runners at EOC in Bulgaria.

Sample of the map

Original drawing by Jan Drbal

Sample of the basemap, previous o-map Debeli Vrh (2005)