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Dausjømarka | 1:10 000 | e = 5m | Norway| 2011
Norwegian championship, middle and relay, 13.-16. 9. 2012, Oslo, Nydalens Skiklub
basemap: laserscan and evaluated vegetation (Roar Forbord)
May 2011: Ivo Habán, Luděk Krtička, Radim Ondráček
previous map 1999: Roar Valstad, Per Einar Pedersli

May 3rd 2011 | Ivo Habán
Together with Radim Ondráček and Luděk Krtička we prepare the maps for Norwegian Championships 2012, which organize Nydalens SK from Oslo. We are mapping for middle and relay, beautiful varied terrain north of the city, where alternates the slope with boulders, plain with swamps and typical technical passage with rocks in rugged terrain with changeable vegetation. Map for long in the neighboring forest prepare Dag Amundsen.

notices on the cover paper of my mapping desk:

May 11th 2011, 11.01
"According to the forecast it should start raining slightly just now. It's still nice. Insect attack me. I map undersized stone and roll it on far as it goes on laserscan. Attacking the northwestern edge of my mapping desk. There are only about 2.5 cm to the line in 1:7500. But 10 cm wide strip full of rocks and valleys ..."

May 8th 2011, 17.18
"After a short hesitation, I finally have again issued a steep slope down to the black viper territory, I passed the last spot in impassable slope. I was rewarded with two insignificant stone fields and small yellow spot in light green... Sometimes I wonder if I'm normal."

May 3rd 2011, 14.14
"Is mapmaker master of his work as a writer or artist who sends a message to the public and gives the best piece of yourself, or just loser, a slave who will pay for the mechanical forest mapping?" Many times when I was mapping abroad I asked this question. We do this because nobody wants to do it, or can not do it like us?
We map for Norwegian championship, which makes me really happy and I also feel free, that because of perfect basemap and our experience we have it under control. I am glad that we map very nice terrain for such a prestigious race and this corresponds to our effort. The mapping is like art. Somebody pass unnoticed a painting in the gallery and someone is deeply hit by it. Somebody may ask why do a new map, when the old one was not bad. And somebody will run on the new map and experience the unique feeling that likes this, that understand. Mapmaker and runner will touch through the map.
I believe that mapmaker is not a loser, and who has a feel for map, will be satisfied. Map is like a heart print. Sometimes it hurts.

Dausjøenmarka, original drawing. Small sample coming soon.

Dausjøenmarka, sample of basemap

Dausjøenmarka, old map