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Col de la Loge | 1:10 000 | e = 5m | Francie | 2014
tréninková mapa
podklad: ortofoto, IGN, vyhodnocení
říjen 2014: Ivo Habán, Radim Ondráček, Zdeněk Janů
prostor v sedle, kde vedou běžkařské tratě, v místě západního svahu mapa doposud nebyla, jinde stará mapa 1:20 000

24. ledna 2015 | Ivo Habán
During 2014 I was concentrating mainly on several academic projects, monograph and exhibition of sculptor Mary Duras, but in October even one mapping session came. Together with my stable mapping partner Radims and for the first time with Zdeněk Janů we realized a stay in France. We spent two weeks in the forest near saddleback Col de la Loge in Massif Central. It was very nice pleasant mapping, nice and surprisingly warm weather. After this mapping I found it comes the moment to change my old-school mapping technique. For 2015 I would like to try the work on tablet in combination with GPS. We will see.

Col de la Loge, sample of map, Ivo Habán

Col de la Loge, original drawing, Ivo Habán

Col de la Loge, basemap

Col de la Loge, basemap, ortophoto and IGN