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Coto de las Maravillas | 1:10 000 | Spain | November 2009
Cehegin, Parco ecológico
XXII Trofeo Internacional Murcia Costa Calida 2010 (WRE) March, 6th-7th 2010
basemap: ortophoto, contours from Cartomur, mapped in the scale 1:5 000
Jan Drbal, Ivo Habán, Josef Marduk, Vlastislav Šebesta

When I was selecting photos on this site, I assumed it to whom this presentation is intended.
1) handful of mapmakers who need no further comment
2) competitors who've perhaps accidentally come from the race site, from curiosity to look at something more from the field, what is possible to expect at the weekend

For a competitor it is important to form an idea of the type of terrain and how it will look like map. The optimal contact with the map during the race leads to success and satisfaction. I believe that to fully understand the map and for being in harmony with it is essential to bring not only photos of the terrain and displays drawings, but also allow the racer to fully empathize with the unique production process of the map. Key moments affecting the character of the resulting map doesn't take a place only during those eight or ten hours of measurement in the terrain, but continuously in mapmaker's head. Mapping is fully specified 24-hour-long mental state, which can be for normal people (non-mapmakers) difficult to describe in words and in the long term are able to manage it just extremely resistant individuals.

Map is squeeze. Each map has its own story. Here it is.

Další fotky

Sample of map, Ivo Habán

Sample of the original drawing, Ivo Habán, November 2009

Sample of the basemap prepared in ocad, contours and ortophoto from Cartomur server

Sample of the basemap, contours from Cartomur

Sample of drawing, Jan Drbal

Sample of drawing, Josef Marduk

Sample of drawing, Vlastislav Šebesta

Ten days walk through the valley of dry winding, measured directions between meanders and draw contours over a thousand capillaries side valleys, which are not in the basemap. The air is soaked with scent of pine and myrtle. Let's map like some Finn, repeat the effort and try to generalize stands. Fails me. Finally do a lot of details like a Czech. Under the film look the trees like clumps of bushes. I placed carefully white dot symbols exactly on the place of trees. At the end of the day I struggle with stand slope to the top of the hill. This time my efforts rewarded. Among the high grass find a stony hunting seed. I am shading my eyes with mapping desk and stretch the shape of the cluster. On the other side of the hill is no longer a shadow. Suddenly cooled, blackness. Animal paths lead me to the car. Fawn fence, starting express a third time. Noise of the car on camino rural interrupt the mapmaker's dialogue. There are orange lights of Cehegin in the distance on the horizon.

Who is who?