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Cam Piramit Park | 1:4 000 | e = 2,5m | Turkey | 2016
Antalya Province - Antalya        Google maps
Antalya O'Days - 4th stage, sprint, WRE, 28th February 2016, Turkish Orienteering Federation
basemap: ortophoto, technical map
January - February 2016: Jan Drbal

30th November 2016 | Jan Drbal
It's the end of November and cats and dogs are raining exemplary behind the hotel windows in the Turkish Antalya (after two weeks of exemplary luxury weather for mapping). We together with Jirka Vištejn are here because of a map for the long distance stage at Antalya O days 2017, which will be held on 25th February 2017 in the beautiful rugged pine forest near the Ekşili Göleti dam (whose level is likely to rise significantly tomorrow).
But now it's the right moment to go almost 10 months back when we were in the same lineup (in addition with Milan Bílý, who spent with us, like this time, only about 10 days here), involved in the mapping for this year's Antalya O days. Our current accommodation is located a  few hundred meters from a large park with a glass pyramid, thus Cam Piramit Park in Turkish language, which I mapped out in February for the final sprint stage held on 28th February 2016, while Jirka and Milan with our Turkish colleague Mehmet Küçükçolak worked on the forest map named Düzlerçami for a long distance stage.
The area of the park map is divided into two levels, separated by high cliffs and almost impenetrable bushy vegetation. Both parts are permeable only through a (normally closed) open-air cinema, in which the start of the race was placed, and through a polylined and rather narrow staircase, through which the competitors rushed down toward the last few controls and the finish line. Children's courses were located only at the lower level, lined with sea beaches. The finish area was situated just next to the beachvolleyball courts on which the World Tour tournaments Antalya Open takes place. The upper park is dominated by the aforementioned glass pyramid, which hosts International Antalya Film Festival every October - this year the 53rd. And also there are two other smaller pyramids, a concert hall, a library, ponds with fountains and waterfalls, coffees, palm trees, thorny bushes with boulders and a network of footpaths, parkings, playgrounds, fitness equipments, a rusted film crew and the cat paradise.
After the Antalya mapping stage I and Jirka moved in the middle of February some more 500 km further to the east to Mersin meet other maps, but more about that next time.

Sample of the map

Original drawing by Jan Drbal

Sample of the basemap, ortophoto

Sample of the basemap, technical map

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