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Ullevålseter | 1:10 000 | Norway | 2010
Oslo, the area around the lakes Søngsvann and Åklungen
training map
basemap: revision of on older, many times revisioned map, photogrammetry Olaf Helgesen

june 2010: Ivo Habán, Luděk Krtička

June 10th 2010 | Ivo Habán
Together with Ludek Krticka we start second week of mapping in Oslo. Huge forest behind the town by Songsvann lake is probably the most frequently used orienteering map in Norway. We make an update. It means better positioning, more exactly drawing of contours, which seems to be mostly only redraw from photogrammetry until this time, better readability and also generalization. I measure still in old school style, by step and with empathy, but I started parallely use a GPS logger. For open areas it is OK, otherwise for nothing. Beautiful terrain! We loose the concentration only through beautiful Norway girls who run around the lakes and through mosquitos, which are keeping us still in moving. There is a light till midnight-I feel free but totaly tired.

Ivo Habán, sample of the last version of the map, 2010

Ivo Habán, sample of the original drawing, June 2010