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About Jan Drbal

Born in January 1971, in Prague (Czech republic). I live in Brno from 1994. Orienteering from 1982, for all the years (except 1990) I am member of Prague's o-club SK Praga. My original profession is geodesy. My first o-map in winter 2001, a professional mappmaker from June 2002. I've scored nr. 100 of maps I've been co-mapped in 2008, nr. 200 in 2017 and the number is increasing permanently. I've mapped in 16 Europian countries, in the Asian part of Turkey, in China, and in Canada. You can find an overview of my maps in Czech Republic on Map server ČSOB (T-maps). My favorite type of terrain for mapping: karsty with lot of depresions (vrtača), sandstones, Mediterranean old cities,... Unpopular: revision of old maps (with some exceptions). Distinguishing mark: I don't have car nor driving license. And always reading RESPEKT.
And I like photography too. You can see my pics on pages of my maps, and also in my two galleries:
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